Built For Course Operators

golfscape OS is an intelligent sales platform powered by technology,
increasing your rounds and revenue with smarter tee time utilization

The Future of Golf Course
Technology has Arrived

is an integrated booking platform and tee time utilization system. We power hundreds of golf course partners with leading edge software, payment processing technology, and customer relationship intelligence to increase rounds and revenue instantly

Partner Courses


Worldwide Markets


Active Users


Powerful Revenue Management

  • Create

    an account in seconds and embed our booking widget technology on your website. It’s simple.

  • Utilize

    smarter tee time allocation in minutes. Easily assign rate card categories and rental pricing.

  • Sell

    directly on your website and through a custom-built mobile app, as well as the golfscape.com marketplace

  • Welcome

    customers from everywhere. We secure payment, process booking confirmations, and eliminate no-shows.

Widget + App Technology

  • Supercharge Your Distribution

    Cater to your customers with an intuitive booking widget on your website and a custom-built mobile app, so your golf course is super easy to book and play.

  • Deploy & Transact Instantly

    Don’t waste time and money on difficult technology development. We can have you up and running instantly, empowering your course to transact online.

  • Eliminate Displaced Revenue

    Our processing technology collects payment from guests, eliminating displaced revenue from no-shows and late cancellations. We pay you daily or weekly.

Global Marketplace & Reviews

  • Capture More Revenue

    We offer a built-in marketplace of golfers that delivers more awareness to your course, resulting in new high-margin customers

  • Customer Intelligence

    Gain rich insights on your visitors before they arrive. After they play, guests can rate and review your course. You get this feedback in real-time.

  • Reach New Markets

    Our technology detects user location, displaying your golf course in multiple languages and currencies for international customers to book.

Intelligent Pricing System

Geo Pricing

Sell to customers at different rates based on their geo location

Variable Pricing

Yield up or down based on your sales strategy, and set booking privileges

Federation Rates

Provide your local golf federation or association with special rates

Perishable Inventory Tool

Discount distressed tee times at 3 days and sell discreetly in your app

Optical Control

Sell to international guests in advance without member disruption

Get Started With Better Pricing

OS Basic

The OS Basic Plan Includes

  • Website booking widget
    processing fee1: 6%
  • Global marketplace
    commission fee: 25%
  • Net paid daily via credit card
  • Instant booking notifications
  • Intelligent pricing
  • Rentals & add-ons
  • Verified customer reviews
OS Plus
per month

The OS Plus Plan Includes

  • Everything in the OS Basic Plan
  • Custom-built mobile app
    processing fee1: 6%
  • Mobile app-specific rate
  • Language translation
  • Members international bookings
OS Pro
per month

The OS Pro Plan Includes

  • Everything in the OS Plus Plan
  • Low season & affiliated rate
    commission fee: 12%
  • Net paid weekly via bank wire2
  • Mobile app push notifications
  • Dedicated success manager

1 an additional four percent is applicable to courses operating in currencies other than AED, AUD, EUR, GBP, HKD, SGD, USD, or ZAR

2 this facility is available to courses operating in AED, AUD, EUR, IDR, JPY, GBP, HKD, MYR, SGD, THB, TWD, USD, or ZAR currencies

Partners and Feature Benefits

Bring in New Customers

golfscape offers a built-in and ever growing international user base that brings awareness and attention to your property, resulting in new high-margin customers.

Marketing Services

golfscape runs regular marketing campaigns promoting your course via direct email and social media to tens of thousands of users – locally and abroad.

Optimize Efficiency

Our technology streamlines the booking process and eliminates errors, while capturing valuable customer data and insights.